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3-Day Tours

Day 1: Ste Anne National Park

Depart Eden Island Marina – Anchor off St Anne Island

A Marine National Park, for snorkelling or diving Experience protected pristine undersea nature.

Guests may also land on one of the small islands in the St Anne National Park, Ile Moyenne for lunch, for authentic creole cuisine or for walk round trails endemic flora and fauna and historic pirate tombstones.

Day 2 : Beau Vallon Beach or Port Launey Beach

From the Ste Anne National Park, sail round the northen peak of Mahe toward Beau Vallon Beach. If you would like to land onshore, the area offers various reastaurants, beach side bars, five star hotel facilites, water sports, paragliding, sunbathing to name few.

You may spend most of the day at Beau Vallon or sail towards the west side of Mahe to Port Launey Beach.

Port Launey is a pristine beach, with as clear as you can get sea water and protected under sea nature.

You will see the northern mountain range of Morne Blanc and Morne Seyhcellois in the background.

Day 3, Anse Capucins, The Southern tip of Mahe

Anse Capucin is situated on the Southern tip of Mahe Island. It is one of those beaches that is in-accessible by public road and is mostly untouched and rarely visited.

On a good day, it's the perfect secluded beach to moor your yacht. The guest may land on the beach via tender and experience secluded privacy.

The beach is protected by huge ancient granite walls. For the adventurous, you may walk up short trails to the top for exquisite view of the vicinity.

Day 3 (Alternative) Anse Royale Beach

If the weather does not permit a visit to Anse Capucins…

Then sail along the West Coast, round the southern tip of Mahe and up to Anse Royale on the East Coast, from Port Launay.

Anse Royale Beach is one of the longer and beautiful beaches on the East Coast.

Anse Royale Beach has an attached smaller beach called "Fairy Land", a location whose name speaks for itself.

5-Day Tours


Depart Eden Island Marina – Anchor off La Digue

From Eden Island Marina, sail off to La Digue island and anchor off any of the various beautiful mooring points and beaches along the coast.

Everyone on La Digue has a bicycle. Cars are limited for commercial use only. You can also experience ox-carts rides, the way they use to move around in the old days.

La Digue is for simplicity, authentic creole culture and food, exquisite beaches and relaxing locations, nature trails, endemic fauna, pristine diving, or other waters sports.


Depart La Digue – Anchor off Curieuse Island

Curieuse island is a nature reserve, a protected island with controlled landings.

The landing point is called Baie Laraie (after the fish, "Ray" bay). The sea is littered with all kinds of marine life. You are very likely be greeted by large parrot fish on your way to the beach in the tender.

The island's crew will guide you through nature trails, through tick old mangrove forests. You will be introduced to the largest permanent residents on the island, namely giant tortoises. They roam about freely, wild, without any interference from humans.

The island welcomes seasonal turtles egg laying, even close to human habitats.


Depart Curieuse – Anchor off Praslin

Praslin's economy is primarily driven by tourism. The island has many hotels and restaurants offering all types of food.

The island boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Vallée De Mai, home to once thought the mythical Garden of Eden because of the fabled and unique Coco De Mer plantation.

Anse Lazio was once elected as the Seychelles most beautiful beach. You can moor your boat off that beach and enjoy the day in a once in a lifetime unique location.


Depart Praslin – Anchor off Aride Island

From Praslin, we sail to Ile Aride. This island is another nature reserve with controlled people landings.

The management of the island have strict landing and visiting rules. Nature should not be disturbed.

All tours are programmed and done under rangers' supervision. The island hosts eighteen species of native birds. Five of those species of native birds are found only in Seychelles.


Depart Aride – Anchor off Cocos Island

Moor your boat off Ile Coco, for a scuba diving or snorkelling experience in a natural aquarium. The island is about 7 km off La Digue island.

The water Is usually as clear as you can get. You will get close to hundreds of fish, all seemingly excited to see and interact with you.

At the end of the day, the yacht will depart the Cocos Island and head back to the Eden Island Marina on Mahe.

7-Day Tours


Depart Eden Island Marina – Anchor off La Digue

Anchoring off La Digue coast, guests can enjoy ox -cart rides, bike rides or simply walk as they navigate to some of the world's most beautiful beaches on the island. You may like to visit Anse Souce d'Argent beach or Grand Anse beach.

Other things to do:
  • Visit the Veuvre Nature Reserve and catch a glimpse of the endangered Black Paradise Flycatcher
  • Climb the Nid Aigle mountain – the highest peak of the island for breath-taking views of the island and other sister islands
  • Visit the l'Union Estate tourism site which has so much to offer, from the famous giant tortoise park to the coconut oil production farm where the mill is powered by an ox!


Depart La Digue – Anchor off Curieuse Island

Arriving at Baie Laraie (Ray Bay), guests will be welcomed by the beautiful sight of multitudes of giant hump head parrotfish and giant tortoises lazing around the shaded grounds.

Experience one of the breath-taking sites the island has to offer such as the trail from the landing ground to Anse Jose which passes through a thick mangrove forest. Throughout the trail, ruins of the old colony can be found, which have blended very well into the landscape over the years.

An old creole colonial architecture building has been turned into a fascinating museum on whose beach welcomes sea turtles as they come to lay their eggs.

Other things to do:
  • Diving/snorkel at the Coral Garden or Pointe Rouge is a must!
  • Trip to St Pierre for more snorkelling


Depart Curieuse – Anchor off Praslin

Home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Vallee De Mai, Praslin is the second largest island after Mahe. Anchoring off Baie St Anne, tenders will be used to transfer guests to the island's main jetty where a 10 minutes' drive will get you to what was once considered the Garden of Eden. A selection of trails is on offer depending on the amount of time one is willing to spend in the forest. The main attraction there will be seeing the largest nut in the world up close.

Other things to do:
  • Visit the world renown Anse Lazio beach after the Vallée de Mai either by car or even anchoring inside the sheltered bay
  • Praslin offers many attractions to keep guests busy. Cote Dor Coast is home to many hotels and resorts offering nightclubs and chill out bars.


Depart Praslin – Anchor off Aride Island

Aride island is managed as a nature reserve by the Island Conservation Society.

Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed by the island's team on a dinghy as they have strict rules about boats allowed on shore. With a reef lying just to the front of the island, guests will enjoy a rather adrenaline-filled landing as the rangers wait for a proper swell to speed up for a beach landing.

Once on the island, a 3-hour private tour will be given by the rangers. Things to see include 18 species of native birds inc. Five (5) of them are only found in Seychelles. Guests will also see the rest of the wide variety of fauna and flora.

  • A picnic basket will be provided where the rangers will guide the guests to the covered shed
  • Enjoy the rest of the afternoon on the beach


Depart Aride – Anchor off Cocos Island

Found 7 km off La Digue island, the Cocos Island is a real natural aquarium for all who gets the chance to experience it. Around the crystal-clear water, guests can swim amid turtles and hundreds of fish above a wealth of corals. This exceptional spot is a definite must for any lovers of snorkelling. There is no better way of departing the inner islands than by ending on this piece of paradise.

At the end of the day, the yacht will depart the Cocos Island and head back to the mainland where the yacht will anchor off the beautiful Anse Royale bay.


Depart Cocos Island – Anchor at Anse Royale

Anse Royale provides one of the largest bays on Mahe with calm and clear turquoise waters and a panoramic view of white sands and palms from any point you look.

Anse Royale is the second largest town on Mahe. It has a great deal to offer; from grocery shopping and local markets offering fresh fruits and vegetables to a variety of restaurants and takeaways to souvenir shops. This is all just a 'tender' boat trip away.

  • Snorkelling
  • Water sports with moderation
  • Town visit


Depart Anse Royale – Anchor off Baie Ternay

At first glance, guests will find a beautiful beach with great views providing shallow waters and small waves ideal for swimming. The biodiversity is a real highlight for nature lovers providing untouched snorkelling/diving grounds for all who visits. Baie Ternay National Park is often deserted, therefore guests can really feel like they are isolated there. It is great for those wanting a quiet, scenic day on the water and land.

  • Snorkelling
  • Diving
  • Nature walks
  • Water sports with moderation